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How to convert Pages 5.x to Rich Text Format (RTF)

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My daughter told me her professors want writing turned in as RTF. She uses iWork with Pages 5.x, which cannot export to RTF. (A pity, and I can’t think why Apple took away that capability, which existed in Pages ’09.) Putting aside my speculation as to why the professors want RTF, I came up two ways to do it. The first, and more obvious method, is to save the file in Word format (.docx), then open it in Word for Mac and save as RTF. She has Word on her computer, so this is sufficient.

The non-MS way is this.

  1. Copy the entire content of the Pages file with Cmd-A Cmd-C.
  2. Open TextEdit and paste with Cmd-V.
  3. As long as the file has not been saved yet, the “Save” function (under File, or Cmd-S) is actually “Save…” and you get to pick a format. If Rich Text Document is available as a choice, choose it and you’ll create a .rtf file and you’re done.
  4. But if your file had any graphics in it, you can’t choose Rich Text Document to save it. Choose Rich Text Document with Attachments. This creates a .rtfd file. (For the savvy, a .rtfd file is actually a bundle.)
  5. Now, the fun part. Go to the .rtfd file in the Finder. Right-click (or control-click) and Show Package Contents.
  6. Inside you find a file with the exact name TXT.rtf. That’s your Rich Text file, stripped of graphics. Copy it to another folder by dragging with the option key held down, then rename it as desired. Open it—it will open in TextEdit—and check it over to make sure the conversion did not do unacceptable damage to your formatting.

If your document had no graphics, this is pretty quick. If it did have, well, you get to feel like a Mac Wizard. Keep it under your hat.


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