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The so-called shortest possible Monopoly game

NPR had a story last Tuesday about an alleged Shortest Possible Monopoly Game. Of course it involved an improbable sequence of dice rolls and a specific draw of a Community Chest card. Very contrived. As described, it was also not a legal game because one player landed on several unowned properties without buying them, but no auctions took place.

Still, it was by no means the shortest possible game. It took nine dice rolls and two turns per player. A game could end after just a single roll per player. Here’s how:

I go first, rolling 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 11, but not doubles, and buy whatever property I land on. Then I sell it to you for all your money. Then you sell it back to me for a dollar. Now you roll, and you land on it. Game over.

But you say this requires the second player to do foolish things! So does the game in the NPR story: in that game the first passes up several properties he lands on without buying them.



  1. My solution is shorter and also does not require anything dumb or contrived to be done by the losing player.

    Comment by krusta80 — 2010-06-12 @ 19:19

  2. To clarify, I meant shorter than nine rolls.

    Comment by krusta80 — 2010-06-12 @ 19:19

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