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Taboo knowledge

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Ask the next ten people you see what it is that Al Qaeda wants, or wanted from the 9/11 attacks.

If they say they don’t know, talk about why not.

If they echo the line, “They hate our freedoms,” suggest that, if so, we handed them a great victory.



It’s not about the law, it’s about the power.

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There’s this guy I know of, Joe, who is getting married soon for the second time. He has converted to Catholicism to please his bride, who wants to get married in the church. By her beliefs, any other manner would not be a true marriage! A sample official church statement on the subject is,

… a Catholic who married otherwise than before a priest and two witnesses entered a marriage which is illicit and invalid in the eyes of God and of His Church. It is no marriage at all.

He was married beforeā€”in a non-Catholic setting, of course. His bride’s church insisted he go through the very arduous annulment process.

Why? By their own law, he has never been married before!

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